Terra Novo is a land development consulting firm servicing clients in southeastern North Carolina. We offer a complete solution to the development and construction industry, from initial planning, pre-construction services, project design and permitting through construction management.

Our role in development is to manage the services of architects, engineers, surveyors and other professionals with local and state government, contractors and utility companies. By tracking your existing team or setting one up for you, we can ensure your project will advance smoothly and on time while avoiding costly mistakes.

Getting Started

Before any land development project starts, understanding its feasibility should be your first concern.

Developing an accurate pro-forma is a crucial step in any real estate feasibility study. Not only will it help you with cash flow analysis, but the feasibility study will help you secure approvals from your Partners, Management, Financial Institutions, and Investors. But knowing how to prepare a pro-forma is only the first step. A pro-forma is only as good as its data. So let Terra Novo’s experience in understanding the development process create your projects pro-forma with numbers you can count on. Let’s face it, if your project is not feasible you need to find out at this stage of the game.


So now that your project works on paper, how can better scheduling affect your bottom line?

Effective control of a project’s scope, schedule and budget are paramount to achieving your project goal. Understanding and managing the interrelationship of these three elements in any project is what we specialize in. Scope creep increases cost and produces delays. Delays increase costs and cause critical dates to be missed. By organizing tasks, managing the level of effort, developing and monitoring a critical-path schedule, and comparing actual cost to planned cost at key milestones, Terra Novo can help you deliver a quality project on time and within budget.